Friday, January 29, 2010

New Testament Lap Book

I have received a number of emails asking how History is going this year, so I thought I would take a few minutes to finally post pictures of what the boys have been working on these past few months.

Connecting with History Volume II is broken into 7 Units.  Since Unit 1 is broken into 2 parts, we focused on completing Units 1-3 during the fall and are now beginning Unit 4.

In addition to the assigned reading and a few of the suggested activities, my boys worked on putting together a beautiful New Testament Lap Book to go along with the topics covered in Units 1-3:
Unit One, Part 1  ::  Preparation for the King (63 B.C. - 1 B.C.)
Unit One, Part 2  ::  The Roman Empire (63 B.C. - 1 B.C.)
Unit Two ::  The Arrival of the King - Jesus the Messiah (AD 1-33)
Unit Three ::  The Spread of the Kingdom - Age of the Apostles (A.D. 33-99)
As we worked our way through the Units, I gave the boys various "Mini Books" to complete which were then stored in a Zip Lock Bag until they were ready to assemble the Whole Lap Book.  This worked very well, since it was completed a little bit each week over a few months time.

It was a great Lap Book, and I am sure I will be using it again when the girls are older!  Here are some pictures:

~ Front Cover ~

~ Inside Front Cover ~

 Prophesies Fulfilled:

Postcards from Paul:
I loved how they could insert the Postcards, containing the writings of St. Paul, into the mailbox, and then close it and put the flag up or down! Very cute! 

Fruits of the Spirit:

Lineage from David to Jesus:

The Crucifixion, Ascension and Pentecost:

~ Behind the Yellow Flap ~

Paul's Missionary Journey's:

The Miracles of Jesus:

The Beatitudes:
These were made into a "Pie Book" and then inserted into a pocket. 

The Birth of Christ:
I also loved the beautiful pop up books included in this kit!

~ Behind the Green Flap ~

The Twelve Apostles:

The Parables of Jesus:
As the boys learned about each Parable they illustrated it in their books. 

The Resurrection:

The Last Supper:
The boys loved that once they put this book together, and moved the tab at the bottom, you could see the words "This is my Body" on one side and "This is my Blood" on the other.

~ All Done! ~ 

Here are most of the books the boys read while creating this Lap Book:
(Each image is linked to the listing for the book at Amazon.)

Life of Our Lord for Children, A The First Christians: The Acts of the Apostles for Children Mary: The Mother of Jesus
Just Like MaryMary My Mother (St. Joseph Picture Books) pk of 10Good Saint Joseph (St. Joseph Picture Books (Paperback)) 10 packJesus With Us: The Gift of the Eucharist (First Communion)
The Miracles of JesusThe Parables of JesusThe Man Who Never Died: The Life and Adventures of St. Peter, the First PopeSaint Peter the Apostle (Pack of 10)
Apostles of JesusAdventures of Saint PaulHow to Be a Roman SoldierBen Hur: A Race to Glory - DVD

* I read A Life of Our Lord for Children aloud, and we are still working on finishing The First Christians: The Acts of the Apostles for Children, also as a read aloud.